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Body Shop: Hayden Panettiere

10.13.2008by: Mr. Pink

Sultry and sexy are great, but I'm also a big fan of cute. And today's mistress of hottitude is definitely one of the lead ponies when it comes to Hollywood cute. She's been around forever, but a certain TV show has catapulted her to the forefront of the international mind. So just how awesome is: HAYDEN PANETTIERE!

Check her out in - I Love You, Beth Cooper

ASS (9/10):

HPan has a decidedly compact body, sort of akin to a gymnast, but it all works as a whole. Of course the bootie needs no equivocation. It's fine as wine and certainly makes one glad she's legal to look at. Even for a gent like me who pretty much considers Vida Guerra as the top of the line in this category, today's little miss brings a strong argument in her own favor.

BOOBIES (6/10):

Tough one here, because these puppies are barely there, and what is present doesn't have the greatest shape in the world. At the same time the size fits her body style awfully well. Fairly average all things considered.

FACE (9/10):

Can Hayden take a bad picture? The evidence I've reviewed so far would indicate no. She may not have the classical beauty that generally gets the highest marks, but this is a face that you're never gonna get tired of looking at. Not only is she cute as hell, but the damn sun-shininess of her disposition means that she's going to age well too. It's a helluva potent mixture.


Even if Ms. P had nothing else going for her I'd give mad props for the fact that she's been in the entertainment business since she was 11 months old and appears to have nothing even moderately wrong with her outside of a penchant for dating older men and licking things (something I'm sure all the older men who are into her consider to be attributes). On top of not being a disastrous, neurotic head case, though, she also just comes across as a caring, cool, dialed in person. Good stuff.

CAREER (7/10):

It'll be very interesting to see what Hayden's post-Heroes movie career looks like, because while she lacks standout roles on the big screen so far, she certainly has shown range and the ability to steal scenes like a pro. Hell, even most working actors would consider it a blessing to have the CV that HP already possesses in their future. I expect once her successful TV ride comes to an end she'll start rocking the film world big time.


OVERALL (9/10):

A cool and talented chica with a good head on her shoulders and energy to spare. What's not to like? Plus there's this. Oh yeah, and this. Susan Sarandon may have famously dissed being called cute, but the reality is that cute can be one hell of an enticing package.

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