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Body Shop: Gillian Anderson

02.07.2011by: Mr. Pink

Congrats to the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers! And condolences to you Steelers fans. Now as far as I know today's lass has no connection to either team, but she is universally considered pretty awesome, just like winning a Super Bowl. Let's go solve an X-File with: GILLIAN ANDERSON!

Check her out in - Johnny English Reborn

ASS (5/10):

Gillian is a lovely woman, but this is not her best category by any means. Her booty's a bit flat up top, and then just sort of rounds out into an average scenario from there. The weird thing is that I'm such a fan I still want to jump face first into it, so I guess her average is still a lot better than most.

BOOBIES (7/10):

Anderson doesn't get much credit for her body overall, but I have to say she has a much nicer rack than I realized. Perhaps it's all those years of seeing her wear blazers that has done some desexualizing of her shape, but no matter what, she's got a lovely pair of breasts adorning her. And if you've ever seen her pokies (I recommend STRAIGHTHEADS for that), well those are bordering on mouth watering.

FACE (8/10):

If there's a sexy librarian heaven then I have to imagine that Gillian Anderson is the face of it. She's got that responsible and button up vibe that makes you really want to see her let loose cause you know that once she does some world rocking is gonna go down. I don't know if she'd consider it a compliment, but when I look at her face I want to eat it.


For the most part I think this miss is the bee's knees. She's got a pretty chill attitude toward her fame and career, is fiercely protective of her kids, and has enough of a self-destructive instinct to keep things interesting. On the negative side, she seems to think she shouldn't have to audition, which I always find ridiculous.

CAREER (6/10):

As mentioned in the previous section, Gil doesn't want to dance much in L.A., which is about the only reason I can think of that her movie career is so meager. She was in one of the best TV shows of all time (though the movies could not recapture that magic), but has not been able to translate that into a notable big screen presence. Since she's beautiful and extremely talented there's no real reason for her to have made such a small splash on the silver screen, but it is mostly unrealized potential that she's shown so far.


OVERALL (7/10):

Gillian Anderson is a big geek crush for a reason. There's just something about the way she works the character of Dana Scully that is, well, delicious. Outside of that, though, she's a weird mixture of some legitimate hotness, and some not so much. Still, I'd much rather get down with her than some of the ladies that have come through this column with a higher rating. No, I don't exactly know what that means.

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