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Body Shop: Gal Gadot

08.22.2011by: Mr. Pink

FAST FIVE was a ton of fun and will be releasing on DVD in October. So I'm gonna take that as an excuse to feature some of the chicks from the most recent installment. First up is former Israeli military member: GAL GADOT!

Check her out in - Fast Five

ASS (7/10):

Kinda flat actually, and not the best curve, although as you can see in motion here, this lady knows how to work it. So I'm not knocked out, but I'm not complaining too much either.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Gal kind of has a mysterious rack going on. In most pics it looks great. In others it looks nearly epic, and then occasionally it seems to disappear completely. What's really going on? I'm not entirely sure to tell you the truth. So I'm gonna go with the majority of the evidence which is pretty damn enticing.

FACE (7/10):

Gadot has a hard look about her, rather than a traditional beauty. It draws me in and makes me wanna get involved, but I'm not sure that sprinkled in amongst the usual suspects that her look would really stick out. What are your thoughts?


Don't know too much about her, but gotta give respect to anyone who has been in the IDF in any capacity. The fact that she taught gymnastics just makes the mind wander to very pleasant scenarios.

CAREER (6/10):

GG won the Miss Israel title in '04 and managed to parlay that into some acting opportunities. She's not gonna be hitting the Oscars any time soon as anything other than someone's date (actually, not even that since she's married), but chica is showing that she's got some game. And more stickiness in regards to her continued presence than most ladies coming from the modelling aisle manage.

High points: FAST FIVE
Low points: DATE NIGHT

OVERALL (7/10):

Gal Gadot caught my eye, but she comes up a little short of top shelf right at the moment. It feels a little weird to only give her a 7, because I like her more than that, but gotta keep it real and her overall, while delicious, is lacking a certain something.

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