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Body Shop: Eva Longoria

02.27.2012by: Mr. Pink

I was surprised to discover I hadn't already covered today's lady. After all, she's relatively high profile, isn't shy about taking some sexy pics, and rocks the Latino roots that I'm such a fan of. So let's correct the oversight and get down with: EVA LONGORIA!

Check her out in - The Baytown Disco

ASS (7/10):

Hold on before you start yelling at me for this rating, because it's time to get a reality check in relation to Longoria's booty. She does have the width of a finely tuned backside, but as you can see in the pic I've used, her butt is flat. It's not like it's terrible, in fact it's quite nice. However, she gets way too much credit for having top tier hindquarters and it's just not the case.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Oddly enough, I don't think she gets sufficient credit for her very nice chesticles. Now I'll grant you that for overall balance her boobs are a bit small, but what she's got is pert, well rounded and very nice to look at. Some may wish they were a little different in some form or fashion, but I think you'd have a tough time finding anyone who wouldn't jump at the chance to nosh on them.

FACE (9/10):

Here's the money maker. Eva has got one gorgeous kisser on her. Accessible, yet with a movie star quality to it. She can also somehow play believably less glam, although I can't quite figure the mechanics of how she pulls that off. Suffice to say, I'm a big fan.


College educated, knows how to shoot a gun and very confident. Of course she's also a bit cocky, seems to be boy crazy even in her 30's, and tends to come across as pretty self-absorbed. Still, gotta love a lovely lady who was a late bloomer, so she puts a premium on personality herself, and is pretty open-minded when choosing mates.

CAREER (7/10):

Obviously the former Mrs. Parker has made her bones on the small screen with little big screen exposure and even less success on it. But she's got a bonafide hit with DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES that should allow her to work consistently in the future. Even though she is the only female lead from the show who hasn't snagged an Emmy nomination. That's gotta sting.

High points: HARSH TIMES

OVERALL (8/10):

Eva Longoria is sexy, funny, and at least moderately talented. I don't think she'll be turning any awards talk with her work, but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy watching a luminous babe do her thing for many years to come.

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