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Body Shop: Eva Green

09.10.2007by: Mr. Pink

Today's hottie arrived with the cinematic equivalent of a cluster bomb. How many times do you see a chica lose her onscreen virginity in explicit Bertolucci glory, followed by her brother smearing the resultant blood on her face? Thankfully, only once that I can think of, but today's belle brought that sauce. Then she put even the great James Bond on notice of just what a woman really is with a blazing effort as Vesper Lynd in CASINO ROYALE. Loosen your pants boys for: EVA GREEN!

Check her out in - The Golden Compass

ASS (6/10):

The rule is simple - If you can't find a pic, there's nothing to stick. Coverage of Green's less than ample backside is unsurprisingly absent in most photos. What is decipherable about her hindquarters is that they have an acceptable slope to them and a cleft that is not laughably shallow. We'll settle on calling it cute.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Eva's got a miracle-type happenstance on her chest, my friends. People can go pray to the Virgin Mary's face when it appears on toast all they want, but I'll do my kneeling in front of the skinny chick with the massive baby feeders. They're large, buoyant, shapely, seemingly in violation of natural laws, and I feel the whole world would be a better place if we just took a moment to give thanks when faced with grandeur of this sort (NSFW).

FACE (8/10):

Being a freckle-face myself, I tend to be under impressed with the lassies covered in angel kisses. On top of that EGree has a massive brow, pointy nose, cheek bones that sit weirdly low and lips that seem like a porno version of The Joker. Funny how all of that comes together like a Picasso and knocks your fucking socks off! Her still photos are like napalm for the ego. How do you deal with somebody that sexy? [Seriously, I'm asking]


Multi-lingual, multi-national, composed, sexy and forthright. Sure she was born and raised in France, but there doesn't seem to be a hint of arrogance around the girl, just intense curiosity. She's certainly hot enough to be able to get by without much going on upstairs, but she's too smart to play that game. Bravo for her. Uh-oh for us mortal men.

CAREER (8/10):

Well let's see, she's been in five released films so far. She started off by searing the screen in Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS and hardly took a breath before she gave us the most kick ass Bond girl since Pussy Galore. Want more? Me too. Can't wait to see what she does in the future because she has not yet made one misstep.

Low points: NONE

OVERALL (8/10):

Truly an exciting talent with a body to match, Eva Green promises to make movie screens more exciting for years to come. Add to that the fact that she also evidences a Katherine Hepburn-like sass and grace in her carriage, well shiver me timbers boys. I think we may have a true star on our hands.

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