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Body Shop: Diora Baird

11.17.2008by: Mr. Pink

There are all sorts of flattering, and not so flattering, ways to describe the fairer gender. One that doesn't get thrown around much anymore though, because they seem to be in short supply post-1950, is bombshell. Well just 'cause the breed is less common doesn't mean it's difficult to spot one when she breeches. Ladies and gentlemen, the classic bombshell has returned in the form of: DIORA BAIRD!

Check her out in - Star Trek

ASS (8/10):

Not Baird's best feature, but there's certainly nothing to complain about in regards to her backfield. Granted I'm usually a bigger fan of the chicas who have slightly more tush cushion than their body type might necessitate, but I don't think anybody in their right mind is gonna find much to quibble with here. Go ahead and enjoy a NSFW look.

BOOBIES (10/10):

I feel the need to apologize to step papa JoBlo, because I whole-heartedly agree with his Salma obsession. But the plain fact is that I believe Diora has a superior rack by any measure. It's an astounding natural wonder, and if there is a better pair of sweater muffins in the world then please Drool Back below because I want to see them. Meanwhile, in case you want to see a more intimate look at these magnificent mounds, here ya go (NSFW)

FACE (9/10):

Top tier beauty usually comes from a slightly more diverse mix of features than DB is rocking, but no worries because she makes it work. A good example that fresh faced and wholesome can tip over into sensual mastery. She is definitely pretty fly for a white chick.


Gah. I hate to be a "typical guy", but the reality is Baird doesn't need much of a personality to coast by given how well she rocks her strikingly zaftig form. But it turns out she is very cool. Her sense of humor concerning the body that has launched her fame is fun, and given the fact that she's of a goddess-like appearance, she's surprisingly down to earth.

CAREER (6/10):

Admittedly The Baird falls short in this department, although she has shown in a couple of roles that she's a helluva lot more talented than she needs to be. Still, at the moment she's mostly the go to "get naked" girl. And as you can see here (NSFW) she could build a very significant career on that alone. I expect she'll get a chance to stretch her wings soon, though, in a way that will get her known for more than just her unstoppable body.


OVERALL (9/10):

The career is still too weak to pull the top spot, but Good Golly Miss Molly I've hardly ever seen a woman more deserving of abject worship. Take all the skinny little Minnies who pass for hot in Hollywood these days. They're like salads. Diora Baird is a full rack of fall off the bone ribs. Hungry yet?

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