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Body Shop: Charisma Carpenter

05.18.2009by: Mr. Pink

I have, I think, featured an emergent movie hottie in this column in the past and I was roundly dissed for it as I recall. But I'm all about beating dead horses, so this week we'll take a look at a babe that has no movie credits by any reasonable measure, yet is in an emergent stage. Of course it helps that part of said emergence is in THE EXPENDABLES so I hope ya'll will give me a little wiggle room for featuring: CHARISMA CARPENTER!

Check her out in - The Expendables

ASS (8/10):

Rarely do I feel the need to defend a rating this high, but here it seems likely that many will possibly be mad I didn't give this keister the highest marks. Well let me just tell you, while Charisma has a very delicious backside no doubt, there's something structurally about it that just looks a bit weird. Want some proof? Here ya go.

BOOBIES (8/10):

I'm torn here largely because of the unanswered question as to whether what Carpenter is rocking is all Carpenter. My visual assessment is no, but as far as I can tell there is no verification in that direction. Regardless, while she has a nicely rounded set of cans, they don't integrate well into her entire chestal region. Which is not to say ya'll don't deserve a bit of NSFW proof to either plead my case or give you ammunition against my opinion.

FACE (10/10):

This type of classic beauty usually isn't my bag. but I gotta say CC is rocking absolute perfection in my estimation. Not much else to say really.


I'll admit that going into this I expected this rating would be the one to fail our latest damsel. But it turns out she's pretty damn cool. Sure she has a bit of aw shucks still rattling around in her comments, but any chica who is confident, relaxed, and loves Vegas is Aces in my book.

CAREER (6/10):

Technically this should be a draw, because Ms. Carp has been a full time TV girl to this point in her career. But her presence in THE EXPENDABLES evokes images of such awesomeness that she gets an uptick just for taking part. Don't like it, talk to Sly.

High points: N/A
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (8/10):

Charisma Carpenter is a beautiful woman with a very acceptable body. And now that she's dipping her toe solidly into the pond of moviedom it's time to hope she either shows herself to be talented, or at the very least gets naked again sometime soon.

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