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Body Shop: Brooklyn Decker

02.14.2011by: Mr. Pink

As a gift to ya'll this week I decided to feature a hottie who is making some waves on the big screen, but mostly just makes her scrilla by being really damn beautiful. So say a big thank you to Sports Illustrated and, I guess, Adam Sandler for: BROOKLYN DECKER!

Check her out in - Battleship

ASS (8/10):

Decker has much to recommend her, and the backside, while not perfect, is definitely a plus. It's just a little too flat to be truly epic, but you can't hate on a lady when she's packing meat this tasty for her hindquarters. I also like that while she's clearly fit, there is a bit of variation to her weight that indicates she doesn't worry about living on celery and cabbage soup.

BOOBIES (10/10):

G'damn! Kapow! Shazam! Use whatever hyperbolic descriptor you like. They all equal a pair of tittays that put most other of their ilk to shame. Just looking at these puppies is enough to put most mortal men into a hypnotic trance. Probably my favorite set of current natural boobs next to the grandeur of Diora Baird's.

FACE (7/10):

Feel free to disagree with me in the Drool Back's but I actually don't find Brooklyn all that pretty. She's certainly got a sexy energy to her look, but her face itself is a fairly average presentation of hotness in my estimation. Not to say that she's not better looking than most of the women that you and I have ever known. Just when set against the Hollywood standard she doesn't stand out that strongly to me.


Don't know too much about the chick other than some fluff pieces that she's done, although I have to admit her marriage to Andy Roddick is definitely a negative in my mind. That said, she has a pretty cool aura and, presuming she essentially played herself in JUST GO WITH IT, would be fun to hang with even after you got past the staring and drooling part.

CAREER (5/10):

She's a model who has had one major role. At this point the gold standard is that she not embarrass herself. And she hasn't. Sadly her high profile marriage my prevent any nudity in the near future, but that'll probably take care of itself in the same kind of timeline that most celebrity unions do. Until then we'll have to take heart that when the head scratching BATTLESHIP adaptation comes to the big screen, her cannons will take part.

High points: N/A
Low points: JUST GO WITH IT

OVERALL (8/10):

Brooklyn Decker is pretty damn yummy and her relative lack of a career at this point is more or less a non-issue. If she wants to make significant strides into mainstream Hollywood she'll have to hit a bit harder than making a splash in yet another forgettable Adam Sandler vehicle, but for now she is plenty hot to snag some non-demanding roles and simply tickle our orbits.

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