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Body Shop: Blake Lively

01.24.2011by: Mr. Pink

I hadn't paid much, if any attention to this week's chick because all I knew of her was that she's in GOSSIP GIRL. Not a show that's right up my alley. But then I caught THE TOWN this weekend and was blown away by her performance. So now my radar is firmly fixed on: BLAKE LIVELY!

Check her out in - Green Lantern

ASS (7/10):

I have a lot of sympathy for women who don't have particularly impressive natural gifts, but do the best they can with what they've got. Lively's backside is sort of the opposite. Girl needs to get herself into a gym stat. There is no reason whatsoever that her ass shouldn't have the entire male populace drooling, but she's letting a gift she was born with go to waste by not putting in some effort to tone it up. Falling real short of her potential right there.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Ah, the question. Probably every young actress who ends up developing a large rack will be accused of getting implants. In this case my opinion is basically, who cares. She has a generous and enticing cleavage that is a beauty to behold whether or not it's enhanced. Personally I'm trending towards natural, though I would be more than happy to run some field research on that if Lively wants to clarify the matter.

FACE (9/10):

It's not there in photos all the time, but something in Blake's face reminds me of a young Ellen Barkin, and I consider that a very good thing. She's got a sassy, sexy energy that I love. I think she's also got the kind of looks that will maintain, and in some ways, get hotter as she ages. The gift that keeps on giving.


BL's not really my kind of chick, but she seems very cool nevertheless. She's all about cooking, and babies, "oh my gosh isn't that neat," kind of stuff. But she's also got her head together, seems very focused on improving her craft with every project, and shows very little of the rampant egomania that is endemic in the industry.

CAREER (8/10):

Lively's had a helluva start to her career. She scored a hugely coveted role with TSOTTP, has dabbled in some lower profile but generally solid projects since, and now has knocked it out of the park with her turn in THE TOWN, to be followed by GREEN LANTERN. Plus she has a popular TV show to boot. Every young actress should be so lucky at this point in their career.

Low points: SIMON SAYS

OVERALL (9/10):

Blake Lively is hot for sure, but it's her talent and her vibe that raise her above the pack. Given a few more years of experience and she could easily establish herself as a new generation A+ force to be reckoned with.

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