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Body Shop: Arielle Kebbel

07.07.2008by: Mr. Pink

Recently I caught a triple play of the STD AMERICAN PIE sequels, which are a helluva lot funnier than I would have guessed. Anyway, in AP: BAND CAMP, this week's little miss plays a cute as hell and generally adorable chick and reminded me that every time I've seen her in something she's caught my attention. So let's give a little love to a promising, though below the radar lass: ARIELLE KEBBEL!

Check her out in - Mardi Gras

ASS (7/10):

Kebbel may come across as sweet and light as Crème Brulee, but that doesn't in any way dissuade me from wanting to spend some quality face time with her smooth curvy buttocks. For the connoisseur she doesn't offer top shelf curves, but we all know you can get drunk on the mid-level stuff too.

BOOBIES (4/10):

Not much there, but what she does have emanates the perky fortitude of youth and optimism. That's all well and good, but it's going to take a case of either plastic surgery or motherhood to give her any chance of appealing to the breast obsessed.

FACE (8/10):

This is a compromise, because on film, when she's been styled for a part I think she's easily a 9. Her features are just a tad too cute to achieve a Comaneci, but only fall a little bit short. The problem is that when she's left to her own devices Arielle kinda falls apart. Her joint average for Red Carpet appearances is probably around a 6.5. Natural beauty is wonderful, but like great art in a bad frame, the total effect AK puts forth is hampered by some sub-standard choices.


The naive awshucksness that Ms. Ark exudes actually strikes me as a bit annoying, and folks that evidence that sort of shallow peppiness usually make me want to grab the nearest trashcan. But I have to admit the girl's got a likeability that transcends specific personality points. Who knows if she'll be able to take advantage of it, but I'm reminded strongly of a young Meg Ryan.

CAREER (5/10):

At first glance her resume looks like a standard WB starlet waste of space, but there are glimmers of something much more interesting thrown in. Her role in AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS BAND CAMP was a stand out in a surprisingly good film, but she also showed a willingness to gamble on some edgier fare with REEKER, as well as dialing down her good looks to play against type in THE GRUDGE 2. I may end up with egg on my face if in a few years people still say, "Who?" when her name comes up, but I feel like she's a good role or two away from turning into a major IT girl.

High points: SOUL PLANE (yeah I said it), REEKER

OVERALL (6/10):

For now it's impossible to credit Arielle Kebbel as much more than a forgettable, though adorable, presence. A couple of good Maxim spreads and a couple of promising roles have given her a mild profile, but nothing world-changing. Still I can't shake the feeling that she's got real greatness in her. And let me tell you, we're not just hotness lovers here at Some times we are hotness prognosticators too.

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