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Body Shop: Amy Adams

08.03.2009by: Mr. Pink

I don't do redheads as a general rule, because I don't find them particularly attractive (prolly 'cause I'm a ginger myself). But there's a certain intersection of fire and talent that will always grab my attention. Especially when the lady in question is a departure from the usual. A lady like: AMY ADAMS!

Check her out in - The Fighter

ASS (8/10):

Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy, but as soon as I saw it there was no way this wasn't going to be the butt look. It's just perfect. And who knew Adams had such a finely tuned keister. As a side note, I don't know what horse she's getting to ride, but I wouldn't mind getting in that queue.

BOOBIES (7/10):

Adams has a really nice set going on. Not spectacular, not even great, but definitely nice. She doesn't really show them off all that often, but does give us a clear peek here and there which I appreciate greatly. It's just plain sporting of her.

FACE (7/10):

Amy is quite cute, although her face does show some wear. The thing is, I think that's some of what makes her so likeable and accessible. Plus it's refreshing to see a lass who doesn't exactly fit the typical Hollywood mold. Total girlfriend material for sure.


AA seems, well, nice. Which typically is a turn off for me. But something about her vibe is so damn endearing that it's hard to be annoyed by her sunny disposition. Plus it appears to be natural inclination instead of an affectation, so while I'm not sure I'd want to hang out with her much, I do like her.

CAREER (8/10):

Adams is one of those actresses who seems good at avoiding missteps. I don't think anybody's going to argue that she's lacking talent, and it looks like she's gonna tread a Meryl Streep-like path. Perhaps because she's now starred with The Streep twice. How big her career gets will largely depend on if her preferences find a part that intersects with mainstream tastes. That could take awhile, but true movie fans will likely always love her no matter what.


OVERALL (8/10):

The thing about Amy Adams is that she's not going to be saddled with the need to be hot throughout her career. She's certainly pleasant to look at, but she carries with her a sauce that does not require heat. It's talent pure and simple, and Ms. Adams reeks of it.

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