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Body Shop: Alyson Hannigan

10.10.2011by: Mr. Pink

Seems like just last week that I was talking about how redheads aren't really my thing. Oh wait, it was. Nevertheless, the Fates have dictated that I return to amber locks by giving us a new American Pie movie to look forward to. Yep, let's play some flute with: ALYSON HANNIGAN!

Check her out in - American Reunion

ASS (7/10):

It's not like I'm doing the Lord's work here or anything, but I do try my bestest to get ya'll some good pics in these articles. And dammit that takes some searching on occasion. Usually a bad sign, but for Alyson I was pleasantly surprised at the cute little keister she's rocking.

BOOBIES (6/10):

I'll give the lady this much. She knows how to work what she's got. But the reality is she just doesn't have much. I'll be honest, though, I'd personally rather get down with a chick who rocks not much than a babe who's smuggling mountains but won't let Mohammed move them.

FACE (7/10):

Usually the geeky girl in Hollywood actually looks like Scarlett Johanssen or Amanda Seyfried. In Ms. Hannigan's case she really does have that theater geek vibe. Not that she's unattractive. I actually like her look quite a bit. Cute, fresh and optimistic. But it's kind of nice to have a chick who's got a legit nerd look instead of just being another buried goddess.


Do you need to know any more than the fact that she's the Godmother of Joss Whedon's son Arden? OK, well she also professes that nerds make for more interesting people later in life, and means it. This chick has one of those infectious vibes that make you wish you could hang out with her. Who knows if the upcoming AP cash grab will be any good, but you know at the very least she'll be fun in it.

CAREER (7/10):

I don't think there's much question that Hannigan has found much more success on the small screen than big, since other than one popular series of flicks she hasn't really been in much of note. Whether she has the chops to be more than a pleasant sitcom-y presence isn't clear, but at this point in her career it's probably unlikely. Good news is that we all really like her in that role.


OVERALL (7/10):

Alyson Hannigan is a fun little sprite who can easily inspire some lustful thoughts despite her inherent cuteness. I expect there will be some cries that she's overrated here, but I think she deserves more love than she typically gets credit for.

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