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Body Shop: Alexis Dziena

12.22.2008by: Mr. Pink

There are lots of high profile hotties spilling their wares on the silver screen, but sometimes it's fun to take a sec and check out one of those lasses that you know you've seen before. You just can't quite place where. Sometimes they're duds, but often they're undiscovered gems. A good example is: ALEXIS DZIENA!

Check her out in - When In Rome

ASS (8/10):

I was going to grade her lower here, but then courtesy of BROKEN FLOWERS I was able to study this booty in greater detail, and while it is cuter than it is scintillating, I can't ignore the fact that The DZ is packing a very fine behind. Wanna see the photos that changed my opinion. Of course you do (mildly NSFW)

BOOBIES (7/10):

Alexis isn't shy about showing off her goodies (NSFW), which is very nice for all of us. Her lady lumps are a bit smallish and lack the kind of shape that inspires poetry (or limericks at least). However, it's hard to get too mad at the proportions she's rocking.

FACE (7/10):

Cute and mostly innocent looking, but with a certain something that says I will eat you alive and you will like it. I'm a big fan of faces like this, but what keeps AD from earning the higher marks are some skin issues and indications of premature aging around the eyes. Plus, while her features are fun and interesting, they fall a bit short of stunning. She's probably hotter than most of our exes, but not so much as to be completely out of our league.


Here's a case where the rating probably comes off a little harsher than I mean it. Alexis seems like a perfectly nice young lady from what I can tell. It's just that her whole vibe is sort of bubbly teenager, and there doesn't appear to be a ton of depth behind that. There's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't inspire much interest either.

CAREER (6/10):

Ms. D hasn't broken out yet in any meaningful way, but she does leave a very pleasant aftertaste anytime you see her work. She's probably best known for her stint on the prematurely cancelled TV show INVASION, but seems to have the vibe, chops, and willingness to do artistic nudity that could give her ample opportunities to break out of the pack. If not, she can just stay our own little secret crush.

Low points: FOOL'S GOLD

OVERALL (7/10):

Alexis Dziena may lack any particular attribute that knocks you out, but as an overall package she's pretty fun to look at and lots of fun to see in whatever role she tackles. She may not be built for superstardom, but Hollywood needs fairly hot girls just as much as it needs megaultrasuper babes. Just no ugo's. This is L.A. we're talking about.

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