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Body Shop: Adrianne Palicki

01.04.2010by: Mr. Pink

To start the new year, hell the new decade, it only seems appropriate to feature a chick who you may not know, but seems poised to blow up this year. So if you don't already have some experience with this fresh chica, expect you'll be hearing a lot in 2010 about: ADRIANNE PALICKI!

Check her out in - Legion

ASS (6/10):

Even for a skinny chick this is a fairly unimpressive booty. Of course, there is potential with some personal trainer intervention to firm and pump it up into a backside ready for more focused attention. Let's hope the lass gets the intervention a budding starlet deserves!

BOOBIES (8/10):

Tough one. Pretty sure these are enhanced, which is not my favorite look. At the same time, they are awfully yummy looking right here (NSFW). So for now we'll let the sideboob shot rule the day, but I fully admit this might be a slightly overgenerous rating.

FACE (9/10):

The first time I saw this picture of her face my breath caught, and believe me, after you do this for awhile that just doesn't happen very much. At the same time, Adrianne does have the ability to look kinda trashy. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing either. Suffice to say, damn she's hot.


Don't know much yet, but she seems together and ready to tackle the stardom that may be coming her way. I'm sure the next couple of years will be revealing about this portion of the budding celeb. Let's just wish her good luck in facing the challenges ahead.

CAREER (6/10):

Since she's got LEGION and the RED DAWN remake coming up in the new year, along with ELEKTRA LUXX, this will likely need to be adjusted by the end of the year. But for now, Palicki has mostly done small screen stuff with a couple of largely forgettable movies in her pocket, so getting too high about her career as it stands now is a bit out of order.

Low points: POPSTAR

OVERALL (7/10):

Adrianne Palicki has just the right kind of set up for a very big year. She's hot, has shown some deft acting chops through WOMEN IN TROUBLE, and has choice roles in two of the years more intriguing cinematic offerings. Nothing's for certain in this world, but don't be surprised to see AP a lot as the calendar flips.

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