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Blurry views down the depths of Kelly Brook's cleavage will do just fine

07.21.2016by: Droz

It looks like someone with a shitty camera and a palsy condition took these pics of Kelly Brook still bringing that thickness in swimsuits while on vacay. No matter, as there's enough clarity to know who it is and what she brings to the table. It's funny though how Kelly's social media postings of her various vacation times seem to put her in a somewhat more flattering light.

Kelly Brook purple swimsuit

She comes across not nearly as wide in the hips there as in the pics below. Has Kelly mastered the art of mobile platform Photoshopping? Or more likely, handing off vacation snaps to someone else who's doing a little retouching? There's no way to know. If the pic above has been played around with, it's quite a fine job. I certainly can't spot any telltale signs of manipulation. So maybe all these candids are just unflattering angles to Kelly. I don't find them unflattering. Any chance to look down Kelly's swimsuit sounds perfectly fine to me. I'm like this guy, who's clearly too distracted by other things to have a regular conversation with Kelly.

Kelly Brook Instagram pic

Source: NSFW


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