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Blurry Jennifer Lawrence bikini pictures still trump most bikini pictures

03.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She might be living the high life, but it doesn't look as Jennifer Lawrence can stomach it. The blonde Oscar winner was caught spitting out Miller High Life while partying on a boat with her buddies in the Bahamas, marking probably the only thing that's wrong with this sensational actress and killer hottie.

Alcohol abuse aside (swallow it down like a girl, dammit!), Jen certainly looked good in her blue patterned two-piece, rocking that fit body of hers, from what you can tell through the super blurry paparazzi pics that have been released thus far. It's recently been announced that Lawrence will join IT'S WHAT I DO, the Steven Spielberg directed film about war photographer Lynsey Addario, although that will come far later than her upcoming summer box office domination as she goes blue again for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. And don't forget that we're going to close out 2016 with the melding of the A-lister gold, with JLaw & Chris Pratt headlining December's release of PASSENGERS. This year suddenly doesn't look so bad after all. 
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