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Blanca Blanco shows off her culo grande en la playa

01.03.2017by: Droz

Normally when we post pics of someone relatively unknown to us, like catchy-named actress and model Blanca Blanco here, it happens with the caveat that they haven't really done much to earn attention, other than having a hot body. However, it seems Blanca here has an extensive IMDB page, filled with credits going back 10 years. Sure, I haven't seen or even heard of many of the things on her list of credits, but it's still more than some of the other hotties we've profiled in these new faces posts. Regardless of her professional merits, I think we can agree Blanca is someone worth checking out, if only just for her hips and ass area alone. I do like me a curvy Latina when I can find them and I like Blanca even more for hailing from the same part of California as I do. That's kinda cool. Local girl makes hot.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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