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Blame Maria & Dane!

06.18.2010by: Cherry Liquor
For those who might have been watching all of the recent Lakers versus the Celtics games (I'm still sick of yellow and purple... I don't care what precious metal you name the color and I find it highly amusing that men don't know specific colors for anything when it comes to clothing or paint and yet they can rattle off exotic names for YELLOW when it comes to a sports team... and to continue on that train of thought, I went to a high school where they called our team colors blue and gold, but that second color was YELLOW!), you may or may not have noticed that hottie Maria Menounos was on the ballgame arm of comedian and much maligned actor, Dane Cook. But don't fret! The two ARE NOT an item.

Menounous refers to Cook as her "Celtics boyfriend" with a giggle and Cook for the record says that he is in a casual relationship with a Miss Model Latina, whoever the hell cares what that is. He also joked that being at the game and having fans recognize him made him feel like, "If they lose this game, they're all going to blame me!"

These pics are of Maria from Game 6, so I'm curious as to what her expressions were for Game 7. I might not like sports, but I'm smart enough to tell you that this is the 5th time that the Lakers have had to go to a Game 7 against the Celtics and previously they'd lost that round all of the previous 4 turns. That and you Boston fans can feel free to blame Dane Cook for one more thing that's wrong in this world. Feel better now??



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