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Blake Lively gave birth 6 weeks ago, is already inhumanly perfect again

02.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Damn you, Blake Lively. Not only do you get to marry Ryan Reynolds during the DEADPOOL years, you spit out a kid and get back to supermodel-looking status in record time and, perhaps more importantly, you have long goddess locks to cover up those mom boobs everyone has been eagerly awaiting. Lively was in New York for the annual Fashion Week, stopping to pose with designer Gabriela Cardena as her 2015 Fall/Winter line of fashions made it down the runway. The speculation over what Lively and Reynolds have named their as-yet-unseen baby daughter is cracking me up, though. Earliest reports had her as a Violet and now word is going around that the golden couple dubbed her James. Oh, how I long for the days when Apple was considered to be weird. Now it's James and Wyatt and Lincoln. Yay.
Source: Lipstick Alley


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