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Blake Lively enjoys her mommy boobs almost as much as we do

04.22.2015by: Droz

It looks like most of Blake Lively has returned to normal following the birth of her kid lately last year - all except her boobs, which appear to be enjoying an extended enlargement period. Clearly Blake is just as excited about this new development as we are, thus her frequent show off moments in low cut stuff. That must be a nice confidence booster for a woman, especially one who before was a B-cup at best. Nowadays Blake seems to have grown into something approaching a moderate D-cup. I approve of naturally embiggened tits, be it through the delivery of children or a weight gain or whatever. It's nature's way of encouraging everyone to be excited about successful reproduction or having ample sources of food. It should also be a great way of preventing women from developing any dysmorphia issues where their bodies are concerned. I'm sure there are a few misguided boob haters who would see big tits as a bad thing. However, for the rest of us, a big rack is something to celebrate and admire. I'd sure love party with Blake's rack.

Source: NSFW


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