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Blake Lively consecrates her hubby's concrete slab at Walk of Fame ceremony

12.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Once I was able to avert my eyes from Blake Lively's entrancing bust (trust me, it took a while), I couldn't help but wonder if Ryan Reynolds really needs, not deserves, a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Does he not have enough? I mean, say he wasn't good-looking, successful and poised to make a fortune on the DEADPOOL franchise – take all of that away; isn't being the man who responsible for keeping Blake lively satisfied more than anyone deserves? Obviously Blake thinks his palms worthy of a being immortalized in concrete, she blessed the symbolic gesture in the most flattering way possible. For Ryan, having his stunning wife anoint the day's proceedings with visions of her propped up rack says more about the spoils of his success than any spot on a sidewalk ever could. Pressing your hands into wet, unsolidified concrete can't be anywhere near as satisfying as using those same hands to explore Blake's disrobed body. Lucky mofo.

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