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A brisk breeze elevating Blake Lively's short sundress; if only just a little higher

08.03.2015by: No Cool Handle

It could be the wind, or it could be God trying to answer the prayers of sexually frustrated individuals attempting to blow Blake Lively's skirt over her head. However, neither the wind nor faith were quite strong enough to give that dress the boost it needed for the panty shot. Now we're all left to forever wonder - does Blake Lively go commando when wearing short sundresses? I figure a lot of women would respond to that in some passive aggressive way, labeling it a ridiculous question, but it's the right of every free-thinking male (also a certain demographic of female) to at least indulge the possibility Blake finds a little draft down there soothing... I'd like to think so. Still these are some welcome shots of her looking mighty fine; showing off her lovely legs and bit of cleavage. Really she could be wearing Amish garments and still look sexy as hell.

Source: Got Celeb


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