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Billie Lourd & Keke Palmer are sexy little hams on the TCA party red carpet

08.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Talk about some #CoworkerGoals right here. Keke Palmer and Billie Lourd were up to their red carpet antics again, this time showing off for the cameras at the Summer TCA Party, giving good grind and making me jealous that I don't have a job as fun as they do, where relationships with coworkers can grow to be this playful. Palmer & Lourd have been known to do this at other events where they've been called upon to promote the second upcoming season of their Fox show, "Scream Queens," including the time at last month's San Diego Comic Con.



I've always thought that Palmer grew into a sexy young woman, definitely far more confident than scores of others in her profession but I love seeing Carrie Fisher's daughter be the living embodiment of her mother and grandmother, both fun, playful women themselves. I counter Billie as one of my top ten hottest newcomers from 2015 and I stand by that assessment. Can't wait to see her kill it some more on SQ.

Source: Zimbio


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