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Bikini season is always in session for Myleene Klass & her red hot curves

11.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Most Americans don't know much about Myleene Klass, myself included, but what I've read about her makes me admire the lady. Klass is a tough broad, having chased intruders off of her property with a butcher knife as well as pulling herself together when her decade long relationship (and 6 month marriage) with the father of her two daughters ended when he walked out on her on her birthday 4 years ago. Klass is a hustler, picking up work on TV since leaving the singing group Hear'Say, and getting her net worth to grow to over 11 million pounds (about 13.7 million in dollars) simply by being a presenter and occasional television panelist. And clearly the lady works damn hard on her body, which at 38-years old, looks like a teenager's even after having had a couple of kids. (She was also a voice actor in own of my favorite overlooked animated films, IGOR.) And since she can afford to go on vacation so often (this time in Dubai), we also get to celebrate that getaway by checking out all of these "candids" of her amazing body in that cute red bikini.
Source: The Sun


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