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Bikini model Sierra Skye has the most perfect ass you're likely to see today

07.05.2016by: Droz

Model Sierra Skye represents the latest find in my everlasting hunt for the most beautiful asses the interwebs have to offer. I'm captivated with all my great ass finds, but I'm especially taken with this one, for obvious reasons. It's not every day you find someone who not only owns a perfect ass, but is also adorable as anyone I've ever seen and seems to be almost constantly in a bikini. These are the hallmarks of a truly great hottie. Sweet, built, beautiful, charming - you simply can't ask for any more than these qualities. Sports Illustrated has some of these pics of Sierra on their website in a special profile page. They would do well to skip the daily hottie bit and get Sierra into their yearly swimsuit issue fast. For one thing, she belongs in there. I also think she'd become a quick sensation on there. How could she not?

Sierra Skye, bikini model

Sierra Skye, bikini model

Source: NSFW


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