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Bikini model Kayla Lewis masters the beachside butt jut

05.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Are all of these photoshoots with hot young models causing any of you to remember the name of the company trying to shill water? Sure, I know what it is, but I'm trying to see if you've been paying attention. This is that moment in the date where the girl asks the guy if he knows what color her eyes are. As for model Kayla Lewis, I can only guess that her eyes are as blue as her bikini because I'm too busy paying attention to her masterful application of the white girl butt jut pose. Lewis doesn't appear to have a super buoyant booty on her but I'm forced to admit that in the current world of massive asses, it's hard to see the greatness in anything that doesn't take up two postal codes. Kayla has been pursuing her dream of being a big name bikini model for a few years. She's now nearly 21-years old and was previously featured most prominently as the Miss COED, December 2013. To the delight of ribcage tattoo fans the world wide, she also has some random gibberish along her left torso, so yay!
Source: Zimbio


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