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Bikini: Kyra Sedgewick

01.03.2012by: Cherry Liquor
Here's one I didn't think I'd be posting. Sure, Kyra Sedgewick is well known amongst your moms, those who are the demographic of the TNT network (alright, besides Harris, but does Harris really count?) but when's the last time she was used in a movie for purposes other than comedy? Seems sucky that as women get older in Hollywood, they can't be considered babe material unless it's in some serious drama where the lead character f*cks the mom of his co-star or in a comedy where they take cracks at how much plastic surgery a woman of a certain age has had done. While I know that Sedgewick has admitted to getting work done, it still takes a lot of effort to look this good in a bikini at 45+ years after two kids. That ain't all from a scalpel, folks.
Extra Tidbit: Anyone else surprised by that huge tramp stamp on her back?
Source: Hollywood Tuna


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