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Bikini: Alyssa Milano

02.05.2007by: Seth Gecko
It is a well-known fact that Alyssa Milano might very well be the most underrated hottie of all-time. She has an absolutely killer bod and is supposedly cute as a bunny with her personality. I've been keeping up with her career for a long time now right back in the 80's when she portrayed Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter named Jamie in the cult classic "Commando" (did I just say cult-classic?). Either way, she needs a lot more work for sure as she is also a very talented actress. Let's get to the real point though because she has the perfect body and she shows it off quite well in these beach photos. In the photos, Alyssa is enjoying the sun in South Miami and we're enjoying staring at her hot bikini. So get out your drool cups gents and enjoy!
celeb-city.eu_Alyssa_Milano_Miami_south_beach_01.jpg celeb-city.eu_Alyssa_Milano_Miami_south_beach_03.jpg celeb-city.eu_Alyssa_Milano_Miami_south_beach_04.jpg celeb-city.eu_Alyssa_Milano_Miami_south_beach_05.jpg celeb-city.eu_Alyssa_Milano_Miami_south_beach_06.jpg


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