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Biel Powder Footage!

04.02.2009by: Seth Gecko
As I'm sure every male on this planet is undoubtedly aware by now, Hollywood Goddess a.k.a. Jessica Biel will soon be making her first nude appearance as a desperate and lonely stripper in the all-star cast drama, "Powder Blue" which will finally be getting its theatrical release this month (I think we had a strong hand in that honestly). You've seen the early trailers and you've heard all the buzz. Well gents, you haven't seen anything yet until this moment.

The awesome folks over at Extra/Access Hollywood recently showcased a special segment dedicated to Biel playing her role in the film and the exotic dancing training she took to get it done the right way. The result of that is probably the hottest collection footage that has ever been taken of Jessica as it shows her various stripper scenes in the film as well as the tight outfits she wore for training. With that in mind, we've just received this fantastic video and in high-quality no less so please check it out below as it truly is a thing of beauty. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: Damn that red ribbon graphic that covered up her boobs in the footage shown!
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