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Biel is Streep?

07.29.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Jessica Biel has always been one of our reliable Movie Hotties in terms of cleaning up nice and looking good on the red carpet. She's got the body and for the most part she seems like a fairly decent chick. Until she starts talking. Not too long ago she was complaining about being TOO good looking to get roles.

Now the actress, in an interview with The LA Times is talking about her fears over how people will receive her when she makes her stage debut at the Hollywood Bowl in "Guys and Dolls." She rambles on about her singing range and there's plenty of praise in there from her co-workers, but the thing that stood out to me is that Biel is making a loose comparison of herself to legendary Meryl Streep (and borderline new legend Cate Blanchett, both actresses have been nominated or won multiple acting awards already).

Says Biel: ""I want to be able to keep working until I'm 105 years old. I want the choice. It's difficult for women in general in entertainment. They peak earlier and the men peak at 30, 40. It's kind of scary. But you can't tell Meryl Streep she can't do a part. You can't say to Cate Blanchett 'I don't believe her in that.' They do anything they want because they have explored the range, which is endless for them. That's what I want."

What I you to tell me today is whether or not you think that Jessica Biel is a good actress. Based on everything that you've watched her in and not just the quality of her ass, is she good enough to be considered a top-shelf actress?



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