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Beyonce's troubles?

04.09.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Has Jay-Z done lost his mind? Man had a great thing with his woman, the Bootylicious singer and actress, Beyonce Knowles and then he goes Frodo on the world and gives the woman a ring. But the question lately isn't about the band on B's finger as it is the missing one on Z's.

Recently taped by TMZ walking around New York without his ring on Monday, after purporting wedding Beyonce in a lavish ceremony over the weekend, when approached and congratulated about his nuptials, the mega-producer was appreciative. Beyonce is currently working on the bio-pic CADILLAC RECORDS about (amongst others) singer Etta James' life. Let's hope that both of these mega-powers stick to doing what they know best and that Jay-Z can squeeze that gold on before his woman catches wind.

Because while I'm not an ass girl myself (Gimme the T over the A any day, darlin'...), even I can't deny that that's not an ass to get down on one knee for. If you had to do it, then do the girl right.

Source: teenhollywood


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