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Beyonce's booty is back to form for her new music video

01.03.2014by: Droz

I can't really attest to the quality of the music in Beyonce's new video. Neither can some others apparently, if the criticism of this much hyped yet secretly released album can be believed. I've heard the songs are hit and miss. I wouldn't know. Not my genre of music. However, Beyonce is very much my genre of hottie and she's definitely got herself back in shape for the videos she's making for this album. After making her way through the birthing of children and the weight problems she was having there for awhile, it seems like Beyonce is eager to show off her return to form. This song covers some frank subject matter, so it only makes sense that the visual accompaniment acquiesce. I think she's managed that and then some. Anyway, see for yourself below.

Source: Beyonce


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