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Beyonce packs plenty of booty at the premiere of her new movie

02.13.2013by: Droz

Forgive me if I rant a little bit, but I've got a problem with Beyonce and her new movie. HBO has been doing tons of commercials for this thing lately, which shows a lot of behind the scenes stuff about Beyonce's tour and her life and how stressful it all is and blah, blah, blah. Look, I try not to be one of those people who channels jealousy for rich and successful people into a lot of hate. Obviously Beyonce has something a lot of people want and are willing to pay for. Good for her and anyone else who has that sort of thing. They do start to get on my nerves though when they whine about all the troubles they have. Does anyone really care to hear about how hard a multi-millionaire's life is because they have to travel a lot or have to do press conferences or appearances or whatever? Does anyone have any sympathy for how their powerful positions and endless wealth don't free them from life's ups and downs?

Yet it's all this kind of shit she tries to posit to the viewer with her movie and frankly, I have zero sympathy for any of her troubles, if they even are troubles. I'm sure there is stress in her life, but she also lives with the knowledge that she can drop out of the scene at any time and live the rest of her life in a tropical paradise, having anything she wants from now until the day she dies. How then does her stress compare with some poor bastard eking out a living in a shitty apartment in the ghetto, trying to figure out how to make the rent or feed his kids? I'm of the opinion that folks like Beyonce should just do whatever it is that makes them rich and leave the laments about their lives to their expensive shrinks. Look, you found the golden ticket. Congratulations. Now go live in your chocolate factory and shut the f*ck up.


Source: HollywoodTuna


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