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Beyonce & her killer curves hang out in Ivy Park

04.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Because she's Beyonce, she can do whatever the f*ck she wants. She can debut new music at the Superbowl. She can start a new fashion line of "Athleisure" where she's the featured model hawking the overpriced hoodies and bodysuits and no one will think twice because she's f*cking BEYONCE, bitches. I'm not as eagle eyed when it comes to Photoshopping, which some Bey-sayers have accused the singer of using in overly copious amounts, so I can't tell you here just how much has been perfected in these shots. And I really don't care. Beyonce is a gorgeous lady with an insanely feminine, sexy body. If only I could lounge around in her duds and look as good. Hell, it might get me to leave the house more often instead of relaxing on the couch, overdosing on NetFlix and fighting my cat for the last slice of pizza.

Source: Cosmo


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