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Bell's Bikini Bought

04.09.2008by: Cherry Liquor

If only I'd had the $1,100 that was recently ponied up by in an auction giving the buyer an unspecified amount of the wardrobe featured in the upcoming movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. Can't imagine that the garments would have been left unwashed, but there's always hope at the end of the rainbow for a girl.

Actress Kristen Bell has been all over the place recently, what with the current rom-com in question above and the constantly postponed FANBOYS still trying to figure out how to market itself featuring a plot where death is imminent. But between Bell's hotness and the love for all that is George Lucas by the die-hard fans, if I were one of the smarter people in the executive room, I'd stop pushing back that film and start pulling it forward

Pushing, pulling, Kristen Bell... gets a person to thinking. And if you're not hooked in by the vortex that is all things Apatow, nor are you weak to the charms of STAR WARS, perhaps you're a "Veronica Mars" fan? I hear they're talking about a movie spin-off, ala "Firefly" slash SERENITY.

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