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Bella Thorne's workout regimen results in one well-defined midsection

12.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

Bella Thorne may have started off the year as a the new hottie heavyweight, but she's not gonna close out said year in the same explosive way she began. Sexy sightings became rare as the year went on, which suggest Bella Thorne is a less compulsive babe than initially thought to be, not desperate for constant attention. I like that. It makes me appreciate commonplace work out sightings like this all the more. It's not like her absences will continue for any lengthy period of time and she keeps her social media accounts stocked with fresh selfies (albeit, mostly consisting of workout pics). The 19-year-old is now perfectly positioned to blow people's minds in 2017, taking her sexy game to the next level, showing off the results from long hours spent in the gym. Just check out those amazing abs underneath that eye-catching bust and you'll remember why Bella Thorne is an indispensable hottie; one who's sexiest days are still ahead.

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