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Bella Thorne's pink butt looks just peachy

04.14.2016by: Droz

These pics of Bella Thorne are from a little while ago while she was doing her SXSW rounds. Even if they are a little late, it's fine because they exemplify why she's poised for greatness in her field. Sure, Bella is obsessed with spreading her image around on social media and everywhere else, but so is practically every other young hottie her age. The difference with Bella is that having her everywhere is actually a good thing. Nobody is going to get tired of a face and a body like hers. Provided she doesn't start down the Lohan path once her rapid rise to fame reaches superstar levels of intensity, I fully expect Bella to be a fixture of modern beauty standards for years and years to come. Anyway, there's no way an ass like hers should be left to languish in obscurity.

Source: GotCeleb


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