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Bella Thorne's cornrows and legs for miles make her Extra hot

06.07.2016by: Droz

Oh Bella Thorne. You're always on point when it comes to being bangable. I've never seen her skip a beat there. Granted, it's kind of hard not to be bangable when you look like Bella, but one does have to admire the time and energy she gives to getting folks off. Just look at her doing the Extra show. It's a painful thing, looking at such a unbelievably sexy thing as Bella. Look at those legs, that tight ass and ample tits and beautiful face constantly making eyes. There's not a straight man in the land who sees Bella and doesn't wish he was however many years younger, or better looking, or richer, or whatever he imagines it would take to get her long legs wrapped around him. It would be so much easier if one could loathe her like we do those other families of social media queens. But I don't. I adore every inch of Bella and every overt attempt she makes at sprouting wood from us poor, dumb guys. She's a treasure.

Source: NSFW


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