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Bella Thorne, you gets us

04.25.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure what Bella Thorne's new movie YOU GET ME is about, but I'm gonna take a chance and assume it doesn't explore themes and ideas of a more complex and insightful nature. The wardrobe selections they've made for Bella would seem to be proof positive of the relatively shallow nature of this movie. Of course, I could be wrong there. Bella's character may very well go through the whole movie exploring the deep ontological issues of Camus' Nobility of Soul, all the while tonging smoothie straws and hanging her tits out of tank tops and her ass out of cut off shorts. I think I'd actually pay money to see that. I'm sure Bella has many interesting insights into Camus' reasoning. I'd love to discuss them with her as she pokes her ass out in tight jeans while climbing into her trailer.

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