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Bella Thorne works hard to keep her tummy flat

09.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

Is that a legitimate yoga top or is it a piece of lingerie doing a yoga top impression? Leave it to the searing hot Bella Thorne to blur the line between supportive gym wear and lacey bralettes. This has me anticipating the day Bella posts a picture on Instagram of her working out wearing a see-through babydoll. Can you imagine if her yoga class was filled with guys? You'd have a room full of dudes going from six to midnight the moment she walked through the door. I was expecting to see frequent bikini pictures of the now single, and unsurprisingly bisexual, hottie. But based on the pale skin and lack of sightings – I was wrong in assuming that the summer of 2016 would belong to Bella – maybe she isn't one of those young beauties who's obsessed with sand and cancer-causing UV rays; her lovely porcelain skin will thank her later for that. No, it appears she spends much of her free time keeping that tummy inhumanly flat. If only the paparazzi were allowed inside the gym.

Source: NS4W


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