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Bella Thorne was the main attraction at Magic Mountain

05.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

Bella Thorne didn't have to wait in line to ride any of the attractions at Six Flags Magic Mountain, her flash pass made sure of that. Not the kind of card you'd carry around in your pocket, Bella's own special kind of pass; the flashing of her impressive bits and pieces saw to it [that] the rebellious hottie avoided those lengthy wait times. Her flat midriff, perfect legs, unsupported chest – paving the way for instances of underboob – and her tight, little ass were all invited out to Bella Thorne's day at the park. Of all the many places to look, I must emphasize how yummy that incredibly firm heiney of hers looks in a pair tight shorts. Is it possible the engineers at Six Flags were able to construct a ride capable of thrilling people more than a main attraction like Bella Thorne? Is there a special pass in existence that can shot-put those waiting for their chance with Bella to the front of the line – a golden ticket granting instant access to her magic mountains? Oh, if only.

Source: Got Celeb


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