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Bella Thorne tries on a few different sexy looks for Buxom Cosmetics

03.20.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Nearly a year ago, Bella Thorne was hanging out in Miami with her sisters, showing us that amazing bikini body, with its fine curves and youthful perkiness. She was still rocking red hair, which I know isn't her natural color but still looked better on her than the blue shit she currently has. She didn't have the strung out look she does, which is prompting so many (former?) fans to question her possible dependency on drugs. I'm gonna this girl the benefit of the doubt and assume she's just going through ridiculous teenager acting out bullshit, only it's amplified because she has money and is a celebrity, therefore we're seeing it more than we would an "average" 19-year old. Still, it isn't good when I have to pause and check to see if she's still only 19, since it feels as if this has been going on for way longer. Perhaps Buxom Cosmetics would be willing to do another photoshoot with her a year from now, regardless of her circumstances, so we can track the changes. Or at the very least, see if she's ditched the stupid septum piercing by then.
Source: Got Celeb


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