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Bella Thorne slips the nip on the set of You Get Me

04.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

In regards to whether or not Bella Thorne would someday experience a fortuitous wardrobe malfunction: it was never a question of if, it was a question of when – today is when. But before you go and get too worked up, I'd advise you to set your expectations low being that this is more of a partial areola slip and not the full on, falling out of her bikini top, majestic imagery you may have hoped for; it's better than nothing, though. There's also more than just her tits to get you panting like a dog. We get some nice views of her perfectly formed ass peeking out of the bottom of her shorts as she makes out with her co-star, the lucky mofo. All I know of the movie YOU GOT ME is, both Ms. Thorne and Halston Sage will be in bikinis. This had me heading over to Fandango to pre-order tickets, making it the first movie I attempted to purchase tickets for while it was still in principal photography. Bella Thorne... you got me.

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