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Bella Thorne slips her crazy ass into a bikini and goes for a dip

02.17.2017by: Droz

I've noted a change in Bella Thorne as she's become more and more embedded into tabloid culture. Time was she was mostly just a glutton for paparazzi attention, strutting around town in her slutty gear. Recent months have seen Bella move away from the standard pap magnet and into something rather nutty-looking. Take her recent bikini adventures in Cancun. From the weird, multi-colored dreads to the European approach to personal grooming, it all indicates a hottie who has clearly decided to go off on a rather wild tangent. Such things are not unprecedented in her family. Bella's older sister Dani also has a penchant for weirdness. Meh, she's young. I did some weird shit when I was her age as well. Besides, it's not like any of this weirdness would stop a sane man from getting all up in that. Bella might be off her rocker a bit, but remember what they say about the crazy ones.

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