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Bella Thorne shares her ass-tacular bikini romp on social media

01.04.2017by: No Cool Handle

Ok, it's about time Bella Thorne added a few more carbohydrates to her diet (she either lost a lot of weight or her head is larger); I'm not a fan of this overnight segue into a darker head of hair and I'm not sure what the appeal is with nasal jewelry, but she still looks pretty damn hot in a bikini and her generosity is still her most admirable characteristic. Here she is, yet again, sharing visions her toned body with over 14 million social media followers – this time while goofing off on vacation in Barbados. Despite the relentless elimination of fat cells, her booty looks to have remained fairly intact, with enough pop to keep fans of Bella's tasty treat from falling into despair. Myself, I'm keeping the faith because there's hotties and then there's sexual beings like Bella. She won't follow down the path of predecessors like Lindsay Lohan, partying herself into looking 35 by the time she's 25. Bella appears to be too health-conscious to inflict such irreparable damage. I've been wrong before, though.

Source: Instagram


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