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Bella Thorne pops over to Miami, nearly pops completely out of her shirt

12.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I wonder what the conversation was like in the plastic surgeon's office when they talked about putting those bags of goo into Bella Thorne's chest. I'm imagining that the doctor convinced her that in the event that nature causes the unnatural to sag, she might want to consider getting her nipples placed extra high. (And yes, I'm convinced that she has implants because with the dramatic weight loss that she's exhibited recently, she would have gone down a size - kinda like when Amanda Seyfried went overboard with the cardio and lost those beautiful tits - and she's still the same size.) Or else she was just high and didn't care that her breasts might one day double for something other than Instagram hashtags. But as far as under & side & nearly entire boob go, Bella was swinging for home in Miami, wearing a half top and raising her arms while the wind was blasting about, knowing full well that the paparazzi were following her around and hoping for the best. I suppose she could also have those nipple shields that reduce the breast to a knockoff of what Barbie sports but really, I'm just mourning the fact that you can't see areola, the part of the boob I really like the best. Seriously, whenever I consider what a woman (famous or not) looks like topless, my first thought goes to whether those areolas are light, dark, massive or tiny, misshapen or perfectly circular. I'm seeing most of Bella's boob here and I'm not even happy about it.
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