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Bella Thorne is pleased to tease

03.28.2017by: No Cool Handle

Bella Thorne is a hottie who's tough to get a read on. Her numerous topless selfies tell us this is a girl who is dying to show her bare naked tits any and every chance she gets, but has yet to do so in a significant way. (What do I mean by that? She has shown them – nipple piercings and all – only in brief, pixelated flashes.) Why the reluctance? What's keeping her from taking that next necessary step to becoming the iconic sex symbol she's obviously interested in being? Who knows; here are some decent images from a recent social media raid. These pictures may not deviate from your standard Bella Thorne tease but we all know how satisfying being teased by the rebellious young hottie can be. In the off chance that just won't do, here's a couple of links to some topless snapchat videos Bella Torne herself posted (NSFW 1; NSFW 2). The qualitie's for shit, but to those who've been dying to get a look at those magical orbs, don't let a little thing like low resolution stand in your way.

Source: Instagram


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