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Bella Thorne is down in Miami for Ratchet & Clank & we nearly get to see up her shirt

04.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Bella Thorne headed to Miami this week to promote RATCHET AND CLANK, (due out on April 29th and yet strangely missing from our website's movie database) where she flirted on the set of "Despierta America" wearing some intense stilettos. Seriously, check out those shoes she's got on and you might just develop a foot fetish, they're that awesome. More awesome still is the time she spent looking for shells on Miami beaches with her sister Dani, where we nearly get a chance for a full view of her breast thanks to that open-backed shirt fashion trend that's so hot right now. I'm almost of the mind that those boobies of hers might be factory made, they look so round and perfect in that leaning forward position. Then again, that's also the buoyancy of youth for you. 
Source: CelebMafia


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