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Bella Thorne in workout gear will have you sweating

05.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I had figured that the second Bella Thorne hit 18 she was going to be making the most of it, but I had no idea just how fully she was going to jump into the legal hotness ocean. Every single day there's something new from our current favorite barely legal babe, all those set shots from a movie that none of us are going to actually watch, Snapchat images that Bella bestows upon us like the gracious Lolita that she is and paparazzi shots of the "Super Bitch" as she exits the gym. Sure, it doesn't look as if she broke a sweat at all, all while getting everyone else's heart rates speeding along. I do worry, having seen this thing happen with Lindsay Lohan at the start of her legal years (albeit with less social media access back then), but I'm sure one of her future disgruntled ex-boyfriends will make our day with some leaked photos/videos and we'll all forget about our previous concern.
Source: Daily Mail


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