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Bella Thorne in two equally hot outfits and a near upskirt

05.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

While prepping this post, I couldn't help but think of that horrific scene in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM - the one where Jared Leto is shooting heroin into open, puss-oozing track wounds. You would think such a grotesque display of self-mutilation would give him a moments pause right before he declares: enough is enough. That's an accurate parallel to my Bella Thorne addiction; this is the umpteenth set of pics from the YOU GET ME movie. I'm tired, worn to the nub, of writing about it but I won't stop, nay, I can't stop. Not while visions of this genetically perfect specimen continue to provide euphoric highs. Even when a day goes by without my much needed fix and I come crashing down, the anticipation for the all over tingles she causes gets me right back in the mix. In this particular set of photos we get oh-so-close to the first Bella Thorne upskirt, making them high grade, quality shit. Even if you've been mainlining  Bella Thorne posts on a constant basis, this one is potent enough to keep the buzz going.

Source: Got CelebNSFW


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